Disputes and Media Dislocations

subjecting news to censorship creates invisible suffering; control of public opinion

Is Israel a Proxy for US Interests, destablization and profits

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十年树  百年人 (shi nian shu bai nian ren) It takes 10 years to grow a tree and one hundred years to rear a people – chinese proverb

Questions to explore:

  • With a failed policy with regards to Palestinian issues jepordizing the safty of Israelis and the region, is Israel a proxy for destablizing a region in which large US military and defense interests reside. Profits can be gained by large corperations within the military industrialist quarters of the corperate world.

Norman Finkelstein, Roots of Conflict: http://www.pdxjustice.org/#Finkelstein_08May2008A

Highlighting the power of government and control, power and corruption reducing outspoken thinking individuals to intimidated and wrecked lives, may be the story of Norman Finkelstein. A graduate of Binghamton University in the state of New York, and receiving a PhD from Princeton, New Jersey, in political science, his demise as a US professor at DePaul University, in June of 2007, may lend much to understanding censorship, overall, a censorship that is politically motivated, and one that has links to State Department and military policy.

Finkelstein interview:




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