Disputes and Media Dislocations

subjecting news to censorship creates invisible suffering; control of public opinion

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Seeking to provoke discourse as opposed to solid beliefs based on ideologies and media constructed opinion, Media Dislocations is an attempt to locate realites and facts that have been eliminated due to the contours that exist within the structure of media, media bias, power structures, censorship, and outside influence.

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Today the unbridled powers of the Pentagon and the US Department of Defense remain unnoticed, though parodoxically such is seen in the news daily. Huge profits are driving the power centers that extend to private contractors, corperations, and agnecies an branches of the military. The gravity from the power centers has reduced the power of elected officials, and influenced everything from Hollywood to compromising federal and state budgets, while inflicting misery on millions of people home aand abroad.


Written by 茶树

October 25, 2008 at 4:33 pm

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