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Is Israel a Proxy for US Interests, destablization and profits

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十年树  百年人 (shi nian shu bai nian ren) It takes 10 years to grow a tree and one hundred years to rear a people – chinese proverb

Questions to explore:

  • With a failed policy with regards to Palestinian issues jepordizing the safty of Israelis and the region, is Israel a proxy for destablizing a region in which large US military and defense interests reside. Profits can be gained by large corperations within the military industrialist quarters of the corperate world.

Norman Finkelstein, Roots of Conflict: http://www.pdxjustice.org/#Finkelstein_08May2008A

Highlighting the power of government and control, power and corruption reducing outspoken thinking individuals to intimidated and wrecked lives, may be the story of Norman Finkelstein. A graduate of Binghamton University in the state of New York, and receiving a PhD from Princeton, New Jersey, in political science, his demise as a US professor at DePaul University, in June of 2007, may lend much to understanding censorship, overall, a censorship that is politically motivated, and one that has links to State Department and military policy.

Finkelstein interview:




Human Experimentation, Nazi Germany, and its US Legacy

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Dennis Kucinich introduced a bill, HR 2977, to the house, in 2001, and that a portion of that bill acknowledges the existence of space based weapons that are capable of effecting the mental health of persons on earth. Terms such as ‘mood management‘, ‘psychotronic‘, ‘exotic weapons systems’ ‘economic well-being’, ‘electromagnetic’ are all included in this bill, that never did past. The bill can be read in the following link: Federation of American Scientists

What are the meanings of such terms found in the above, and what may such technologies mean for ‘the free world’? I recommend to all to consider what is indicated by these terms, whether a real threat to the sovereignty of individuals, governments, and to peoples all over the globe.  For some reading in regards to this topic, refer to David G. Guyatt, Some Aspects of Anti-Personnel Electromagnetic Weapons.

Brief historical sketch concerning the above mentioned is in the link below. It may bring some definion to the terms and realities, or possible realities concerning technologies noted above in  HR 2977: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_mindcon17.htm

Nazi Germany, Testing on Populations and the Innocent, US Operation Paperclip

Testing on populations of countries is not a pretty picture to open, and unfolds a history that is not confined to simply a few countries of the modern world, but one large stain in regards to this topic can be found within the history of Nazi German’s medical experimentations on individuals concentrated in camp, death camps. The atrocities of Nazi Germany on living individuals are well documented, but not only were large masses of people put to death within mass gas chambers, the living endured some of the most gruesome ways of treating memebers of the human race, while living. Reduced to objects for the advancement of ‘science‘ and ‘medicine‘, medical doctors, as well as psychiatrists, performed incredible experiments on the living. I wouldn’t have to go on with this topic here, if I only was to refer you to links with works written documenting the crimes within this area, if it were not for something not known to many Americans, and that is the rescue of doctors and scientist from Nazi German, by the US government, some of whom were no doubt involved in science that was not confined to the development of rocket scientry. This was a US government operation called Operation Paperclip, a military and intelligence action that bypasted State Department authority. It was aimed at preserving the developments and knowledge gained by Nazi scientists, knowledge tainted with horrific crimes against humanity. Evidently, such an operation as Paperclip should lead anyone to conclude that the United States government was guilty of harboring Nazi war criminals, while posturing itself as one of the world defenders of rightiousness and justice during the Nuremberg trials. The reported reality of Josef Mengele, a Nazi known as at the time of his tenure as Angel of Death, may be a case pointing to a disturbing duplicity, the United States, in its greed for power and control, saved some of the most horrendous individuals walking the earth at the time.  A disturbing photo of this man, and infomation concerning his connections to dubious, but well established people in the US can be read in the following link, I will say no more, because it may indicate some disturbing realities of people in power in our government, that anyone reading this can do research on, as it needs further investigation: http://www.proliberty.com/observer/20070405.htm. I might add that this mass murderer it is reported, had, through Operation Paperclip, been granted amesty. First, one needs to discover the gruseome atrocities committed by the Nazis, then realize that our government was complicit in retreaving some Nazis to safe hidding (or keeping).


Operation Paperclip lead to Involutary Human Experimentation in the US, according to some reports:   http://facstaff.gpc.edu/~shale/humanities/composition/assignments/experiment.html  


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